5 Little Known Mortgage Facts

Are you getting approved for a mortgage? Don’t miss out on these 5 little known mortgage facts that everyone should know.

Since the housing collapse in 2012, getting a mortgage has become increasingly complex.

Gone are the days of simple processes, but that should not dissuade people. Mortgage rates change constantly, which is why anyone applying should be kept up-to-date.

First, be aware that all your past finances will be reviewed.

Here are 5 other little known mortgage facts that everyone should know!

1. Self-Employment

Those who are self-employed will face more challenges when trying to borrow.

Income and employment history standards are more concrete, making the application process harder. Since many business owners write off most of their income, it will look as if they do not bring home any money.

2. Good Credit

If a borrower’s credit is good, it can save thousands.

Moving FICO score brackets can often yield a ton of savings.

Of course, this is again on a case-by-case basis. Not every person with good credit will receive the best, yet it is important to attempt to raise the overall credit score.

Some may even think no credit is better than any at all. In this case, without proper documentation that bills can be payed on time, how would banks tell?

3. Student Loans

Not everyone has student loans, but those who do are in luck.

For those burdened with student debt, attempting to get a mortgage is challenging for some. If a student’s loans are deferred, they can be excluded from the debt ratio

The thinking is that if the loans are deferred, then you must be a recent graduate — who will be landing a high-paying job soon.

4. Credit Before and After

People who are attempting to purchase a home for the first time are not the only people who have a mortgage.

Make a drastic change to your credit before closing ii detrimental. Lenders will pull credit again before closing.

If something small occurred, such as applying for a new credit card, it could end in a person not being able to qualify for an interest rate.

5. Down Payments

In this section, it is important to point that these mortgage facts are a broad topic and do not include everyone.

It is possible to make a low down payment on a mortgage. The industry standard has been roughly around 20% of a home’s selling price as a down payment on a mortgage loan.

Different lenders offer different rates. It is all dependent on location and situation.

Mortgage Facts and You

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