What type of mortgage lender is best for you?

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Big National Lenders

They sit in some ivory tower nowhere near where you live and provide faceless number crunching service.

Local banks

Are only able to offer you the limited number of options they have access to.

New Florida Mortgage

Is a local, experienced mortgage advisor who is not like the typical mortgage broker. You will find that we put your mortgage needs first.


  • Lower Rates
  • More Options
  • Faster Closings
  • Customized Mortgage Planning

New Florida Mortgage comes up with results that are easily implementable, even easier to understand and are considered to be “exactly what clients need” to benefit from the ever changing mortgage landscape. That is their strength compared to other mortgage companies.

3 Simple ways to apply

  • In person at your place or ours
  • On the phone in less than 10 minutes
  • On our website

Your application options

  • Get pre-qualified (no credit check required)
  • Get pre-approved (with a credit report)
  • Full application (for those of you with a deadline to meet)

Brokers are mortgage experts. They know the market, follow trends and know which institutions offer which mortgages products. They’ll also know which lenders are offering discounts or deals. (source: realtor.com)

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